Thoughts all long distance BFF’s have

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, which is true, but it also makes things just super, super annoying.

“What time is it where you are?”


Time zones suck. When your BFF is in another town (or even another country) it can be really hard to wait for them to be available to talk. Whether you want to complain about the awful day you just had or get their advice on what to do about your crush, you want to have that conversation ASAP.

“Counting down the days until you get here.”


You’ve literally downloaded a “countdown” app on your phone because you can’t wait until your long-distance BFF comes to visit. In fact, you’ve also got a full itinerary for their trip planned, which mainly revolves around taking them to all the places you love to eat (because you know they will love eating at those places too).

“Thank goodness for Skype.”


Phone calls and texting are great and all, but sometimes you just want a little face time. Plus, you love taking them for a “ride” on your laptop around your apartment to show them all the cool things you just got.

“Why haven’t you texted me back yet!?”


Your BFF usually responds within seconds of your texts, so when they don’t panic immediately sets in. Then your mind starts wandering to places like, “OMG are they OK? Are they mad at me? Is my phone not working?!”

“Who are those people in your Insta feed?”


You’re innocently scrolling through Instagram when, suddenly, *GASP* you see your BFF posted a pic with friends YOU DON’T KNOW. You try to stay cool and think, “Well, if my BFF likes them, I would probably like them.” But the fact is, you’re secretly jealous because they get to hang out with your BFF instead of you.

“But I feel like I just got here!”


Your trip to visit your long distance BFF is only two days in, and you feel like it’s already over. You’ve been looking forward to this trip all year and somehow time just flew by twice as fast. The next thing you know, you’ll be back home planning the next visit.

“No one around here understands me as well as you do.”


Yeah, you’ve made other friends where you live, but they’re just not as awesome as your BFF. You miss being super weird (which is actually just really normal for you) around your BFF and having them be just as weird around you too.

“I wish floo powder was a real thing.”


Because you’d way rather travel to your long distance BFF’s house via fireplace instantly than take a million-hour flight stuck in between two crying babies and a snorer.

And finally, “I hope we never change.”


Sure, many people change with time, but you hope your BFF (and you) won’t be one of them. But, deep down, you know your friendship will probably stand the test of time and that you’ll always be there for each other no matter how far apart you are.

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