24 Thoughts We Have at the Beginning of the School Year

The beginning of the school year is a beautiful, beautiful mess. You’re abandoning long, leisurely days of summer vacation and replacing them with the hustle and bustle that the beginning of the school year brings. This means new school supplies, fresh blue jeans, exciting book lists, and reuniting with all your friends. It also means getting up early and learning how to prioritize ALL over again. The transition may be kind of rough, which is why you might be thinking thoughts like:

1. Oh my god. This is so early. I can’t do this.

2. At least I get to wear my new jeans!

3. I need to group text all my friends and see if we have classes together. Is that lame? No. Yes. No. Who cares. Doing it.


5. WHY is the sociology textbook 200 dollars? Do I look like Donald Trump?

6. All the lines are SO. LONG. I just need a parking sticker, not a consultation to refinance my house.

7. I’m going to pack SUCH clean, healthy lunches for school. No more pizza from the cafeteria.

8. But ugh. That pizza looks so good and pre-calc makes me so hungry. Just this one time.

9. OHHH YES SCHOOL PIZZA YES. You’re so bad but so good.

10. I’m going to look so amazing on the first day of class.

11. I can’t wait to start using my new notebook and Sharpies! New school supplies are amazing.

12. In fact, I’m going to Instagram my new folder, because it’s a photo of a puppy in a basket.

13. I’m going to take such good notes in class.

14. Until the third week, probably.

15. I wonder if my professor knows I’m on Facebook right now.

16. Oh god she just glared at me. She knows.

17. This class is going to be SUPES easy.

18. Oh god no, four essays? Seven pages each? I should drop it like, right now.

19. No, no I won’t. I can do this. I am an essay warrior. I love challenges. This will be my studious year. 4.0 baby!

20. The professor is already telling us his class will be impossible and that he never gives out A’s. What is this BS?

21. You know what? I’m gonna take this class and prove him WRONG.

22. Is it pumpkin spice latte season yet?

23. I want to start wearing all my new tights already!

24. Thanksgiving break is soon, right?

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