26 thoughts I had watching the ‘Batman v Superman’ trailer

After months of short teaser trailers, we’ve finally got a full length Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Two words for you: Wonder Woman.

OK, OK, she doesn’t show up until the very end of the trailer, but when she does the action is kicked up about fifteen notches. Before that, it’s a lot of back and forth between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne as they discuss the the state of Gotham, masked and caped crusaders, and what they’re (trying) to do to make everything better. This discussion appears to be where it all jumps the tracks, and Lex Luther hasn’t even lost all his hair yet! Three more words for you: Lex Luthor’s hair.

These still aren’t the only thoughts I had watching the brand new trailer. Check out the trailer here, and let’s dive in.

1. Part of me always forgets that these superheroes have daytime alter egos. And Clark Kent just, like, works for a newspaper. And has to attend red carpet events.

2. Every time I think about Clark Kent working at a newspaper, I think about Lois Lane working at a newspaper, and Liz Lemon’s line about how the greatest love story ever told is that between Lois and journalism <3

3. I think about that a lot.

4. The main story during Batman v Superman is the fact that these two are at odds with one another. We don’t exactly know why yet, but during Clark and Bruce’s conversation, you can see that the tension is already there.

5. Then it becomes a back and forth about justice, truth, and newspapers.

6. Bruce says: “Every time your hero saves a cat out of a tree, you write a puff piece editorial. About an alien.” I am currently team Superman. DON’T YOU KNOCK CATS IN TREES, BATMAN.

7. The arrival of Lex Luthor is my second favorite thing in this trailer, because the first is Wonder Woman, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

8. I love everything Jessie Eisenberg is doing with Lex Luther. His voice is both familiar and TERRIFYING.

9. Batman and Superman are at war. It’s still not clear why, but now there are explosions and buildings are falling, and Batman gazes at his Bat Suit, like he’s ready to suit up. Is he? He seems a little hesitant about it.

10. Who hurt you Batman? (Probably the Joker. He makes a joke about clowns as it is. And it’s heavily speculated that the Joker will show up in this movie)

11. Who is this little girl? Did I miss something in the Batman universe?

12. Lex Luthor — sorry, his name is so great I have to write it out every time — really seems to be egging these guys on.

13. Here’s my Lois Lane!

14. Oh, and here’s someone big and terrifying. This thing appears to have been created in the lab, via Lex Luthor.

15. This is Doomsday. I’ll admit I had to Google him.

16. Ugh it looks like this Doomsday might defeat our heroes. Unless there’s a THIRD HERO out there who can swoop in at the last second and clean up this mess.

17. Is she here?

18. Is this her?

19. Wonder Woman is like, “Hello, it’s me.”

20. The line, “Is she with you?”/  “I thought she was with you,” got an actual laugh from me.

21. Wonder Woman is here to save the day!

22. Except that everything around them is burning so it might be easier said than done.

23. Where is Aquaman?

24. He’ll show up in the next trailer. Hopefully.

25. This is sure going to be some epic civil war between these two guys!

26. You ready for March 25, 2016? That’s when Batman v Superman flies/drives the Batmobile into theaters. Three words: Bring it on.

(Images via YouTube)