“Thor: Ragnarok” just beat “Beauty and the Beast” at a pretty impressive record

Wow, step aside Beast, because there’s a new beast in town — and okay, there are two beasts, and it’s actually the God of Thunder, Thor, and his best friend, The Incredible Hulk. These two smashed their way to the top of the charts earlier this week, and dethroned Belle as the most watched trailer in 24 hours.

When the Beauty and the Beast trailer first dropped, it managed to rank in a very impressive 127.6 million views in the span of a full day. Well now, Thor literally done a “puny human” to that number, and surpassed it. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Ragnarok trailer managed to climb all the way to 136 million views. 


Honestly, any video of any kind that manages to get over a million views is impressive, but doing it on a Monday? That’s hella impressive — and if you’ve watched the Thor trailer (once, or like 15 times, no judgement) you can clearly see why it’s now sitting pretty at the top. The trailer has some very heavy Guardians of the Galaxy vibes, while also introducing us to a new, short-haired Thor. And also a super badass Cate Blanchett. And don’t forget Loki.


Thor didn’t just knock Beauty and the Beast off the top, it’s actually now the most watched trailer across all of Disney’s movies — and that includes live action, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars. That’s one heck of a feat, so maybe Thor’s still pretty powerful without his hammer after all.