Country star Thomas Rhett’s whole family just adorably freaked out over a gender reveal cake

As you may know, country music star Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, are soon-to-be parents. On February 18th, Thomas Rhett’s family freaked over a gender reveal cake, according to People. Of course, with gender reveal cakes, the couple having the baby doesn’t know the gender, either, so it’s a surprise for everyone. Not only did we love the cake, but everyone’s reactions to it — especially Akins and Rhett’s.

ICYMI, Rhett and Akins were at the Grammys last week — he was nominated for Best Country Song for “Die a Happy Man.”

“It was almost impossible to not mention it during interviews on the carpet, Rhett told People.

We can only imagine!

Akins, too, is glad they’ve revealed the news. “To say that we’re excited to finally be able to talk about it is an understatement,” she said.

On February 16th, Rhett and Akins went to pick up an ultrasound of their future baby and then went to order the gender reveal cake.

Here’s the ­“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”-themed cake. Y-U-M.

As you can see, some friends tried to guess whether the baby’s a boy or a girl.

And, so, the sex of their future baby?! You can see the reveal here when Rhett cuts into the cake. Clever!

Yup, a girl, as you can see via the pink interior of the cake!

Everyone seemed pleased with the results.

In addition to expecting their own baby, Rhett and Akins are adopting one from Africa, according to People. Last year, they started the adoption process when they were unable to have a baby on their own. In December, while the couple was on a safari in Tanzania, Akins started to feel sick — and thought it was food poisoning. It wasn’t — so now the couple will have two babies.

“We feel more than blessed,” Lauren told People.

Ah-mazing news, right?!

Btw, fun fact: Rhett and Akins met as kindergartners (!!). Awwwww. They’ve been together for four years now, as of last October. Sooo sweet.

Speaking of sweet, all the cake talk above made us want some cake rn, so brb while we go get our hands (erm, mouths) on some.