This YouTuber wore 100 layers of a bubble mask, and it’s strangely disturbing

We’re no stranger to face masks, or to weirdly wonderful challenges that involve layering products onto our skin to see what happens, but today’s experiment is kinda on the scary side. This YouTuber wore 100 layers of bubble face mask, and TBH we didn’t even know they could be layered! But without further ado, let’s meet Jeely.

She’s created tons of 100-layer YouTube videos — including one where she applies all the makeup she owns — so no need to worry, we’re all in the hands of a pro. Jeely uses a carbonated bubble clay mask to get the job done, and her enthusiasm is infectious. Ready to see this in action?

Not even halfway through the video, she observes, “There are already so many bubbles!” Yes, there are a lot. And after a hiccup with the brush she was using to apply the mask, Jeely gets her hands involved…and it becomes pretty comical. “The bubbles pop every time I touch them. Well, I’m still going to try to do this.” Perseverance is key — she’s not wrong there.

This is the OH NO moment when Jeely acknowledges she looks like the cookie monster…

…and then gets bubbles in her mouth.


Yikes! Yeah, eating the bubble mask is definitely not the goal. Clearly, 100 layers of bubble mask is no small feat. Jeely couldn’t WAIT to remove it, which is pretty funny considering this was her idea.

Thanks for experimenting so that we don’t have to, girl. We’re afraid to ask what’s next, but we’re intrigued at the same time. Currently monitoring your YouTube account.