This YouTuber bravely opened up about her sexual assault

Opening up about an experience as triggering as sexual assault is already deeply vulnerable and emotionally risky when you’re talking to a close friend or family member. As a way of hopefully opening up the conversation for survivors who feel alone, a popular YouTuber opened up about her sexual assault in her latest video.

At the end of the summer, the popular Youtube vlogger Eva Gutowski came out as bisexual as part of a Twitter conversation with fans about sexual orientation. Talking about deeply personal but universal issues is one of the ways Eva uses her platform.

But even so, her choice to share her sexual assault story, particularly on the troll-filled platform of YouTube takes a lot of conviction and generosity.


She shared her story in the book video for her new memoir My Life As Eva: The Struggle Is Real.

This way, viewers were immersed into the atmosphere of her high school, and you felt like you were experiencing the emotional aftermath with her as she talked to a teacher and the cops.


You can watch the full video below, and hear about her decision to share this story at the end.

You can also buy her new book online to read more about her life.

Also, if you’ve been a victim of rape or sexual harassment and are looking for resources, Take Back The Night has people ready to help you.

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