After a cancer diagnosis, this young woman was inspired to travel the world

Picture this: in one month you fall while rock climbing in Yosemite National Park, shortly after, you are taking a casual jaunt on your Vespa when you are hit by a car, and then finally, the real kicker, you are diagnosed with skin cancer. Sounds like a slew of some really bad luck, right? Well for Megan Sullivan, these weren’t signs to go and hide under a rock, but instead these scary incidents empowered her to pursue a lifelong dream (talk about kicking butt, Megan). In the midst of this rocky November, Megan decided it was time for her to take the trip of a lifetime. And then she did.

In 13 days, Megan saw all 7 wonders of the world.

Megan’s Tumblr, Megthelegend, catalogues her trip and refers to it as, “ A Dirt bag’s Guide to How to Travel to the 7 Wonders of the World in 13 Days.” Her trip report breaks it down into Preparation, 7 Wonders, and Summary to give her audience a sense of the why, the how, and her reflections on the whole experience (plus some awesome travel tips).

She explains her motivation very frankly on her personal blog, “In December of 2014, I realized my three-year dream of traveling around the world, ten days before departure with three hours of planning and with some guy I’d known for two weeks.” Her shot in the dark, knee-jerk decision to take this worldwide excursion bonded her with her then very new boyfriend. They are still together (and traveling) today.

Over the 13 days of global travel, the pair visited each wonder, and documented each visit with an Instagram pic hashtagged, #7wonders13days.

Here are a few of our favorite things about this story:

Megan made her own luck.

Instead of letting life get her down, she decided life’s too short not to do what you want and then she aggressively seized the day. We are proud of her for making a bold move, having an amazing time, and bringing us all her gorgeous photos.

She documented her trip super creatively.

We love her blog, her hashtag, and most of all, the fact that she’s showing other people how to take an amazing trip like hers!

It makes us want to drop everything and see the world!

By sharing her story on social media, Megan’s got us bitten by the travel bug. But also, her story shows that it’s crucial to pursue what you love. There’s no time to waste and even if you think your dream is extravagant, Megan shows that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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