This woman’s job is literally just eating at restaurants — how do we get hired?

For many people, it’s important to have a job or career that you love. But that can be easier said than done when your talents and passions don’t exactly line up with the job market; you’re confused about where to go from there. That’s why finding the right job for yourself is always rewarding — especially if it’s a little off the traditional path. Case in point? This woman’s job is eating at restaurants — and we are both jealous and obsessed.

England native Sarah Hardy officially has one of the best jobs out there. The 25-year-old's official title is "Official Eating Officer" with Weight Watchers. What does that mean exactly? A typical day at the office for Hardy usually involves traveling across the U.K. and dining at popular restaurants multiple times a week.

Her role helps to test menus to see if they have a variety of delicious meals that are also healthy enough for WeightWatchers members following the SmartPoints system. The restaurants that get Hardy’s seal of approval go on to be “WeightWatchers Approved.”

The Official Eating Officer role came from the feedback of various WeightWatchers members — many British people found it difficult to balance socializing with eating healthy in public settings. And it’s not just good for the WeightWatchers community as a whole — Hardy herself loves her job.

What offbeat passions do you have? It could very well be the key to helping you find the best job for you.