This woman’s before-and-after photos from her battle with addiction are really eye-opening

Addiction is a terrible disease — not only does it affect you, but it affects everyone around you, as well. Fortunately, there are definitely ways to bounce back. While addicts often battle addiction throughout their entire lives, they can definitely recover with the proper treatment and willpower.

Obviously, addiction wreaks havoc on your insides — and might even kill you. But, depending on the substance, it can also age you and make you look exactly how you feel. One great example is Dejah Hall, a brave and beautiful woman who posted her before-and-after shots on Instagram.

The difference between these three pictures will truly amaze you.

Hall, a mother, got clean at the end of 2012 after battling an addiction to both heroin and meth. She admits that it’s a battle that she’s still actively fighting every day.

Hall has a Facebook page that’s dedicated towards her journey. Called “Recovery journey,” its purpose is to connect her with people who are going through the same struggle. Since, even though addiction can be messy, getting help is something that nobody should have to do alone.

Hall also contributed to another page — the Love What Matters page, which shares inspirational stories of love. There, she opened up a bit more about her motivation.

Hall admitted that it took getting arrested to get on the right path, but now she has goals and an adorable 18-month-old to consider.

"Everyday I thank God that I am not where I once was!" Hall noted. "Sobriety is Possible."

While Hall found religion in her journey, it’s definitely not a requirement for others looking for help. In fact, there are a bunch of different methods to help start a new life.

For example, SMART Recovery and Secular Organizations for Sobriety are two organizations that focus on personal, individual growth.

If you’re struggling, know that there’s still time — and plenty of resources out there, if you’re looking for a recovery plan. Dejah Hall’s transformation is inspiring, but something that anyone is capable of achieving.

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