This woman wore a T. Rex costume for her sexy, pre-wedding boudoir shoot, and yeah, the photos are amazing

Women deserve to feel sexy no matter what they’re wearing, even if it’s a giant dinosaur costume. When Nicole Stein of Calgary, Canada decided she wanted to do a boudoir photo shoot dressed up as a T. Rex, photographer Kissy Spicer didn’t hesitate to comply. In fact, the Canadian photographer says her immediate reaction was, “WHEN AND WHERE?!”

Boudoir photo shoots can be great confidence-boosters for people who are looking to emulate, say, Kendall Jenner’s fierce goddess looks. They can also be a lot of fun. We spoke to Kissy about the experience of shooting Nicole’s T. Rex photos, and she called it “the funniest thing I had seen in my entire life.”

We can see why.


It all started when Nicole and Kissy were discussing shooting boudoir photos for Nicole to give to her fiancé on their wedding day, which was July 1st. Then, Kissy remembered that her husband just happened to have an inflatable T. Rex costume — and the rest is history.


After they took some normal boudoir shots, Nicole put on the giant costume, and hilarity ensued. Kissy told us,

"Nicole’s only 5’3’’ and the suit’s 7' tall, so her trying to maneuver on the bed in this massive suit was the funniest thing I had ever seen in my entire life."


They also had a few failed poses due to the cumbersome costume. “We tried to do a few [photos] of her doing over the shoulder looks, but she couldn’t get the head to turn because she wasn’t tall enough to make it turn. And then we tried to do her pulling the robe off her shoulder, and she couldn’t reach with her short arms — those were hard,” Kissy said.

Classic T. Rex problems.

She went on to say,

"The hardest one was her trying to get on her back on the bed and scootch up the bed. Tail was in the way, she was flopping around, it was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen."


Looks like they pulled it off. Nicole clearly has an amazing sense of humor, but what did her husband think when he got the photos at their wedding? Well, that didn’t go off completely without a hitch.

“She was going to give him the book right before they walked down the aisle, and he was surrounded by his groomsmen when he got the book. He saw the more sensual pictures I took of her first, and he closed the book,” Kissy said.

But when he did see the pictures the next day, he thought they were as funny as we all do.


Kissy says she was shocked by how quickly the photos went viral. “The reaction to this is crazier than I ever could have imagined it would be,” she told us.

TBH, Kissy, we’re not that surprised — because this is brilliant.