This woman shared an amazingly vulnerable (and also totally giggle-worthy) message of body positivity

By now, we certainly hope you know we’re all about body positivity. And this amazing lady just shared a super vulnerable story that seriously has us cheering her on. Instagrammer @misunderstoodworm’s post on Instagram about struggling with eating disorders and learning to love her body blew up, as it clearly resonated with many. Whether you know what it’s like to have an eating disorder or want to learn more, this post is seriously empathy-building. And it even comes with a bit of giggles.

"Here's my bare face and some really high underwear because. Why not? If you had told me 4 years ago when my multiple eating disorders were at their worst that I could ever be this okay with myself I probably would've said 'please get out of my room' and I also definitely wouldn't have believed you. But I do feel okay with myself."

"Even after recovery and gaining weight, getting stretch marks, people telling me I've gained weight, my clothes not fitting the same. I feel okay. Some days I feel less okay and some days I think I look great. Lots of days I don't really think about my body or weight at all which is another thing I probably never would've believed if you'd told me 4 years ago."

"The most important thing that I don't believe anymore is that the "perfect body" equals happiness. We've all been sold a lie that when you get the "perfect body" ur going to be happy. Everything will be easier. The only thing that can make those things happen is taking care of yourself and kissing a dog right on its mouth!"

"So take care of yourself. Figure out what's really making you hurt. And then kiss the dog 🙂 on its mouth 🙂 twice if u want. But not three times. Because that's selfish as heck. That dog has places to be!"

We. Love. This. You go, lady! We have all the love for this message of body positivity.

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