This woman raised her daughters to be “anti-perfectionists,” and now they’re awesome AF!

Raising girls to grow up to be confident, empowered women can be tough. Like, really tough. Especially because we live in a world where girls are subject to so many biases — from what  they’re “good” at in school to what it means to be “pretty” — we get it from all angles.

Which is why we’re so incredibly inspired by a woman named Esther Wojcicki, a mother of three now-grown daughters featured in Motto’s “Super Families” series.

Esther, who’s from a conservative Orthodox Jewish community, said that she literally received condolences from friends when she gave birth to her third daughter in 1973. “Like ‘oh my god, a third girl, what are you going to do?” she recalled. “I said to myself: Just you wait. I’ll show you.”


And that’s kind of an understatement. One of her daughters grew up to be the CEO of YouTube, another a professor of pediatrics and epidemiology, and the third founded the genetics company 23andMe (oh, and is also CEO).


What was Esther’s secret to raising such kickass ladies in a time and community that thought women were less valuable than men? Well, firstly, she believed it was important for her girls to be in control of their environments — not the other way around — which is why she taught them how to swim, read, and count at young ages (s0 that they could play by water unsupervised and read street signs).

‘The more you do for your kids, the less they do for themselves,” she said.


She also made a point to never emphasize or value how her daughters looked or dressed, and taught them to be “anti-perfectionists.”

“They all try to do their best, but they forgive themselves. A perfectionist does not forgive themselves for doing something that isn’t perfect. And they do. They don’t hold themselves to blame,” she said, believing this helped them tackle traditionally male-dominated fields.


We are seriously so wowed and inspired by Esther and the baddass boss women she brought into this world. May we all take a cue from her book and remember to never let the naysayers of the world hold us back!

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