This woman parodied the BBC dad video, revealing how a mom would have rolled

You’ve probably watched it about a billion times already, but we can’t get enough of Robert Kelly’s failed BBC interview. So, it makes sense that funny BBC interview parodies would start rolling in. One was just released that’s giving us so much girl power, since it illustrates how a mom would handle the same situation.

First, a brief refresher. Y’know, in case you still haven’t seen the video yet. Kelly, an American professor who is currently located in South Korea, was in the midst of a live interview on the BBC when his children busted in. But not only did they bust in, they did it with style.

Like. A. Boss.

When his baby rolled in, it was almost too much.

The chaos in getting them out of the room made everyone laugh, because kids will be kids. And this funny incident turned them into viral stars overnight.

So, what if the roles were reversed?

A show in New Zealand called Jono and Ben illustrated how a business mom would have handled the same situation.

This mom cleans a toilet, cooks dinner, and even diffuses a bomb without a moment of hesitation. We absolutely love the message it sends. Women can handle anything life throws at them without missing a beat.

As for Kelly, he at least has a sense of humor about what he’s calling his “family blooper.”

"This is now the first line in my obituary," he said during a South Korean news conference.

Hey. It could be worse.

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