This woman made an incredible point about sexual assault while destroying a wedding cake

The topics of rape and sexual assault have dominated the headlines in recent years — and while it’s sadly due to instances where people are getting light sentences for what is truly a heavy crime, at least people are getting outraged. In a new PSA from It’s On Us, sexual assault is compared to wedding cake — and we think the comparison is actually flawless.

The It’s On Us campaign strives to help the community step up and act when sexual assault is witnessed. Launched in 2014, they hope to end sexual assault all together by educating the community and providing a solution. They believe in starting up conversations about why nonconsensual sex acts are classified as assault or rape.

This PSA will, without a doubt, start a conversation.

In the video, which was published to YouTube this month, a hotel guest — played by actress Suzy Nakamura — happens to see an elaborate wedding cake, all ready for the big reception. After complimenting the cake a bit too much, she decides to take a big bite out of it. But in her eyes, it’s not her fault. See, the cake tempted her to destroy it.

"You were the one that made it so tempting," Nakamura says to the baker. "Tahitian vanilla icing and pretty little flowers? It's like you were begging me to taste it."


Nakamura makes sure to avoid all blame, because in her eyes, she’s not “the bad guy.”

Sound familiar? Sadly, it probably does. These are the same exact tactics and words that sexual abusers and rapists often use.  And they’re simply ridiculous in the video.

So, why do people still let situations like this slide? And why is it that women are quick to be blamed for their looks or dress, when they’re not the ones taking a chunk out of the cake?

If you want to support the It’s On Us campaign financially, you can make a donation through their website. If you’re looking for help, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-4673.