This woman lost her engagement ring while gardening, found it 13 years later on a carrot

Want to hear a weird story to round out your Wednesday? Here’s one about a woman who found her engagement ring on a carrot. But here’s the fun part — it was missing for over a decade prior to its strange discovery.

Mary Grams, currently 84, remembers losing the engagement ring on a day in September 2004. She was doing some gardening when she realized the ring was missing. Grams admitted she cried for days after realizing she just couldn’t find it. We totally get it — not only was the ring a financial loss but of course it held a lot of sentimental value.

But as it turns out, all hope was not lost. Grams just had to have a little bit of patience — 13 years worth, in fact.

Here’s what the ring looks like.

…and here’s where it was found.

We have so many questions.

Of course, this amazing story has one sad part. Her husband Norman was no longer around to see the beautiful reunion.

We have a feeling he would have been overjoyed — even though he had already familiarized himself with Grams’ replacement ring, which she bought after a few weeks of searching for the original.

The ring was first spotted by the wife of her son Brian. The pair currently live on the family farm and were getting some vegetables for dinner.

Of course, Grams learned a powerful lesson based on all of this.

"Anything I do outside, I’m going to take it off and it’s going to stay," she said in an interview with Global News.

Just think. She’ll never think of carrots the same way ever again.

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