This woman had the perfect response to someone who said girls have to be “small” to be picked up

Women are freaking amazing. We come in all different shapes and sizes, with all types of spirits and souls. We can create and sustain life from our own bodies and we have the heart (and brain) to match! That’s why this woman is clapping back to a tweet that said women have to be small. The tweet was referring to that ~cute~ trope that happens in movies and romantic comedies where a man physically lifts a woman up. The caption of the tweet being “when she’s small enough for you to do this to her >>>>>.”

Thankfully Twitter user @bekkahldn had the right idea and replied with a tweet for the ages, saying how a woman doesn’t have to be small enough, men just have to be strong enough. Shots fired! 

It’s a double standard to expect women to be small enough to accommodate men, so it makes sense that Bekkah replied what she did. Where’s the love for all the taller or curvier ladies? Women deserve to have their romantic fantasies fulfilled regardless of their size! But of course, in the golden age of the internet, not everyone was too happy with Bekkah’s tweet. She got some haters about her tweet, (but news flash, most of them were dudes.) And most of them were just pointing out how “funny” it would look for a man to lift up a taller woman than him.

But the thing is, life isn’t actually a romcom. There’s (usually) not anyone watching those special, intimate moments, so the only people who need to enjoy them are the ones who are IN them. We think every woman deserves to be treated like a princess regardless of her size. Thanks for this, Bekkah!