This woman got a promise ring from her boyfriend inside a bath bomb and WE NEED THIS (the bath bomb, not the dude)

A regular bath is great, but add a bath bomb into the mix and things get infinitely more awesome. One woman got more than she expected from hers — the bath bomb had a ring inside it from her boyfriend! (A promise ring, to be exact).

Bath bombs — if you’ve been depriving yourself — are magical items that fill your bathtub with bright colors and yummy fragrances. They’re a great way to relieve stress (and also just really fun to watch). Putting engagement rings inside bath bombs have kind of caught on as a trend, and Kassidy was the latest lucky lady to find a ring inside hers.

She posted screenshots of the bath bomb to her Twitter account (before she expected anything out of the ordinary). Which made it even better when she discovered there was something special inside. false

Um, we’re absolutely considering treating ourselves to one of these amazing inventions.

If you’re interested, a company called Pearl Bath Bombs are the geniuses behind this. A lot of their customers share pictures on Instagram of the surprise bath bombs they’ve been given, which is super cute.

They have a variety of bath bomb scents to choose from, including pumpkin spice latte, strawberries and champagne, and even coffee espresso.

We know what we’re adding to our wish lists this year!

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