This woman gave a pigeon CPR, and the footage is heartwarming and sad

Sometimes, you come across an act that is so unbelievably selfless that you have to do a double take to make sure it actually happened. At the moment, we are slowly batting our eyelids in disbelief at this video of a woman performing CPR on a pigeon. As in mouth-to-mouth. On a bird.

We generally regard pigeon as the underdogs of the animal world simply because they’ve earned such a bad reputation as filthy winged creatures that are guaranteed to poop on your brand new sweater before recklessly flying at your windshield. Oh, how we loathe cleaning up pigeon droppings!

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Anyway, regardless of how much havoc these common birds routinely wreak on our everyday lives, we couldn’t help but develop a sudden soft spot in our hearts for this sickly pigeon and the extremely thoughtful 19-year-old Glasgow of Art School student named Charlotte who attempted to save its life by breathing into its limp body and pressing on the bird’s chest.

If you’re a bird lover, you might want to pass on watching this clip.

Since Charlotte shared the video of her extreme act of kindness on Twitter on Tuesday, it’s been retweeted over 15,000 times, with general reactions of the WTF variety (which we totally get). While this story feels all nice and heartwarming, the end of this video suggests that Charlotte’s life-saving attempt was in vain.

And this tweet she posted a short time later pretty much confirms what we were thinking:

What a bummer. We’re honestly not sure we could’ve done the same thing, but props to this animal-loving human for trying to save a bird’s life.