This Week, We’re All Getting Older

Logically, I know that I’m not old.

I’m 22 years old. I’m in the full bloom of youth, if you may. My brain isn’t even fully developed yet – that’s how young I am. However, there are moments in life that make me realize that time is not slowing down for me.

That being said, my little 14-year-old sister, Carlitos (aka Carla), was promoted from 8th grade last week. It’s been nine years since I was in 8th grade. The realization that it’s been almost a decade since I was in 8th grade was straight up blood-curdling.

Not that I’d want to go back to 8th grade (they’re drinking hand sanitizer nowadays – DON’T DO IT). No, thank you. At times I feel like I never got over my awkward phase, but I know that 8th and 9th grade were some rough years for me. Mostly, it freaked me out to think that nine years went by so fast. I’m going to be 30 before I even realize it, and then (Lord, save me) 40.

I’m not going to front, the aging process scares me. The idea, nay, fact that one day my body isn’t going to work as well as it does right now is absolutely terrifying. And, yes,  losing my youth and looks is a thought that I don’t even want to consider. I’m vain, okay? Have any of you played around with that app that shows you what you’re going to look like as an old woman? It’s depressing (also, a huge motivator take care of your skin).

I have some existential anxiety that I need to deal with.

I’m 83% sure that I’m not the only one who has these thoughts. I’ve come up with a solution to quell the anxiety that the thought of getting older gives me. We’re all just going to embrace the fact that time goes by at a ridiculous pace. The World will be better for it because:

1. Well, when you realize that time is precious it’s a big motivator to start working on all those dreams before it’s too late.

2. You value your friends and family a lot more because, well, time is limited.

3. We’re all going to make time to do the things we enjoy. Life is too short to spend it doing things you don’t want to do.

4. The World is going to go on a massive health kick. I don’t know about you, but I plan on stretching my time out on this planet as long as possible. (And hopefully looking 35 when I’m 50 through the consumption of water and the use of massive amounts of sunblock.)

I’m prone to hyperbole. I really am. Growing up has been fun. I’ve learned my lessons (some from the Real Housewives). Like I said before, I never want to be a teenager, ever again.

So…who else freaks out when they think about getting older? Is it just me? Excited or not excited? Let me know!