This wedding streaker made the photobomb to end all photobombs

We love a good photobomb. And luckily, a very chill bride and groom were also pretty cool about a photobomb as well when one of their friends streaked past them during wedding photos. It all went down in Scotland. While the couple, now legally known as the Marshalls, posed in front of a scenic lake, buddy Robert Wallace ran into the shot to surprise them.

From the photo, we can tell that the newlyweds were definitely surprised. But at the same time, there’s something about the look on Wallace’s face that makes us think this isn’t the first (nor last) time he’s pulled such a stunt.

We also think that new wife Alana must have been the complete opposite of a Bridezilla, since she made sure to comment with nothing but support for her buddy.


That Robert Wallace. Life of the party.

Unfortunately, photographer Stephen Jolly chose not to feature that exact photo on Facebook. But surely he knew how funny the photobomb was, since he made it available for Wallace to use as a Facebook profile picture.

Wallace definitely gave the newlyweds something funny to remember forever. But still, we’ve got so many questions. For one, was this planned? And two, what was Wallace wearing prior? We’re not sure if he’s a magician, but it takes some time to put on (and remove) formalwear. He must have been pretty quick in order to make this streak a surprise.

No matter what, we know who to add to the guest list if we want our weddings to have a few more laughs.

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