This water park was designed specifically for people with disabilities, and it’s about time

If you’re living with a disability, you probably know that there are a few experiences that are somewhat challenging to enjoy. So, it’s great news that a disability-friendly water park finally opened in Texas this month. It’s about time, and we know it’ll mean a lot to so many people.

The park is called Morgan’s Inspiration Island, and it’s extremely accessible. Not only has it been designed to accommodate guests in wheelchairs, but the design of the park was created with the goal to make every guest feel comfortable, even if they have physical or cognitive special needs.

And there’s yet another reason to celebrate — guests with disabilities can access the water park for free.

"Our goal is to provide a great guest experience in an inclusive, safe, comfortable, not-overly-crowded environment," park founder Gordon Hartman said in a statement.

The park is decked out in a tropical theme, and includes six major attractions. Guests can use splash pads, venture around a seven-story lighthouse, or even experience a river boat ride. It sounds like the perfect way to have fun and stay hydrated in the summer. (And since most guests likely live near or around San Antonio, they’re probably looking for new ways to keep cool.)

Speaking of cool, the park also developed a brand new wheelchair that guests can use while at the park. Called the PneuChair, it’s powered by compressed air, which makes it pretty water-friendly. Even better, it only takes about ten minutes to charge each chair. The crew at Morgan’s Inspiration Island have literally thought of everything during their development stages.

We’re so glad that this park exists now, and hope that other amusement parks out there consider making their parks as equally handicap-friendly.

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