This vlogger has the DIY answer to clear skin and it consists of SLIMY SEEDS

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in the name of clear skin? Pricey treatments? Sticky homemade face masks? Meditation? A dietary overhaul? Chances are, whatever your answer is, it’s not quite as intriguing as this vlogger’s. Farah Dhukai, the gorgeous face behind a wildly popular YouTube beauty channel, just shared a glimpse at her go-to beauty potion and it is slimy.

According to Dhukai, this concoction can give you shiny, dandruff-free hair and clear, poreless skin. Sign us up!


The vlogger makes this by adding fenugreek seeds to boiling water, leaving them overnight, then blending those softened seeds until they form a consistency you can spread over your face.

The bad news?


The seeds get sort of…well, slimy.

The good news?


This hack totally works! I mean, look how gorgeous Dhukai looks when she wipes it all off — she’s equally stunning before applying the potion, but she really does look like she’s *glowing* after the fact.


And let’s talk about what her hair looks like after she sprays the fenugreek seed-infused water into it.

Two words: Hair goals.


As it turns out, the slimy texture of the seeds is actually a good thing in this context: according to Dhukai’s post, the slime coats your strands to make them super, super shiny.


Would you try this sticky solution? It only requires one ingredient, what do you have to lose? Watch the entire video below: