This vlogger came out to his brother on YouTube, and you’re going to need tissues

Oliver Potter decided to reveal something very important to his (adorable) baby brother Alfie. The 20-year-old runs a YouTube channel called OliverVlogss, and figured it’d be pretty important to come out to his brother through video. As expected, his brother handles the news incredibly well. Because, as he points out, “Love is love, love is love.”

In the video, Oliver starts out by asking his brother a few questions on the topic of love. First, he requested his brother to define love — did he think it was just between a man and a woman? How do babies comes into play?

"If you're a mom and you want to be in love with a dad, you get in love with them," Alfie sweetly says.

Watch what happens when Oliver asks what Alfie would think if he happened to marry another man.

Alfie is all for his brother meeting and falling in love with a man, even saying “it’s going to be so cool.”

We love the fact that at the age of five, Alfie is so open to the concept of love in all forms.

In an interview with Mashable, Oliver explained why he decided to make the video. In his eyes, he wanted to “give people courage to open up the conversation with their friends, siblings, children or whoever they choose.” (And sure, it couldn’t hurt to showcase how wonderful his relationship with his brother is in the meantime.)


"My brother's reaction made me realise what a kind and gentle soul he is," Oliver said through YouTube. "He is right... Love is love, you really can be who you want to be you just have to pluck up the courage to make it happen."

We’re so inspired by Oliver, and think that this video was the perfect way to define love.

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