This viral photo reminds us how life-changing a haircut can be, especially when suffering from depression

At its most severe, depression becomes so debilitating that getting out of bed can feel like an insurmountable feat. But sometimes, random acts of kindness can make a world of difference — and a viral photo provides a powerful reminder that a haircut can be life-changing for reasons we’d never expect. Ulta Beauty salon hairstylist Kate Langman met her client when she saw the young woman browsing hair-softening products in the salon.

When Langman approached her, the woman broke down in tears and explained that she was suffering from depression and hadn’t been able to get out of bed for months.

Her hair had become desperately tangled and matted as a result.

“[Her] bun was so matted that it felt like she literally had rocks on the back of her head," Langman wrote.

After their chat, the woman agreed to come in for an appointment the next day — but she didn’t show up. She rescheduled for two weeks later, but canceled.

“At this point I figured she wasn’t going to ever end up coming in, Langman recalls. “It actually, kind of, broke my heart.

But the woman did come back eventually, telling Langman that she was ready for a cut and color appointment.

Langman spent over eight and a half hours working on her hair — and she still remembers how excited her client was when she was able to run her fingers through her hair again.

When Langman shared the story and photos on Facebook, her post immediately went viral — and many people with depression have commented to share their own stories. Commenters are also commending Langman for her lack of judgement and her willingness to help a stranger in need.

The stigma attached to depression can make it difficult to ask for any sort of treatment — so it’s beautiful to see people like Langman go out of their way to help a person who is in pain.

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