This video thoroughly explains what dinosaurs probably tasted like

We love dinosaurs, but we have to admit — we’ve always quietly wondered what dinosaurs tasted like. (Of course, this is a thought that doesn’t get admitted too often. We know it sounds pretty outlandish.)

When you think about it, dinosaurs are like all of us — meat. And obviously, carnivorous dinos ate other dinos. Part of the reason why the question is so intriguing is because, in all honesty, we’ll never get to know for sure. Don’t fall for the fake news headlines or the Jurassic Park-era fantasy — dinosaurs aren’t coming back.

That’s why we’re so lucky that Michael Aranda and the folks behind SciShow on YouTube made the following video. If anyone were to crack this mystery, it’d be them.

In their eyes? Dinosaurs taste like poultry. Because, technically, birds today fall into the “dinosaur” category.

"That chicken pot pie you had last night, or those gameday buffalo wings, that's all delectable dino," Aranda said.

Not satisfied? Well, we get that. But Aranda made a good point. While there were plenty of non-avian dinosaurs, thinking about them the way we do birds is probably helpful. While chicken, turkey, and emu are all classified as one thing, they all have different tastes and flavors. (At least, we’re guessing that about emu.)

So, in other words, it’s likely that a T-Rex tasted like an ostrich, while a pterodactyl tasted like a pigeon. Get what they’re saying?

During the video, Aranda also went into detail about meat itself. Meat is muscle, and there are two distinct kinds. Slow-twitch fibers are best known as red meat or “dark meat,” while fast-twitch fibers, like a chicken breast, are known as “white meat.” So, it’s all pretty varied.

Thanks to Aranda and SciShow, we’ll all be able to rest easier tonight knowing, once and for all, what we’d have been able to expect from BBQ dinosaur.