This video of North West getting ready for a party is everything

It looks like someone is following in their mom’s footsteps. Kim Kardashian took a cute video of North West getting ready for a “party” with her cousin Penelope Disick, and we can’t help but crack up. Dressed to the nines (seriously) West and Disick have a really good idea of what’s going to take place at this magical event.

At the age of four, West has seen her fair share of parties. In fact, she and Disick just had a group party of their own last month — and it was Moana-themed.

Kardashian took this cute video of West wearing shoes that might be a bit too big (but she’s pulling them off) with Disick, and the kiddos’ outfits clue us in to what kind of “party” they’re going to.

Let’s just say we wish we got invites.

Okay, so even though Disick just turned five this weekend, this particular party doesn’t look like it’s real. But it’s probably something that Kardashian could pull off at some point.

West and Disick explain that the party is for them, and it’ll include mermaid cake — and mermaids.

"We are going to be the mermaids, and there's 97 mermaids," Disick adorably explains.

Hey, it’s a lofty goal, but it could happen. After all, West did dress like a mermaid for her big bash back in 2016.

According to West, there will also be “a shower and towels,” which is incredible. As Kardashian comments, it sounds like quite the wild gathering.

We just adore the fact that these girls are so close, and both have such a vivid sense of imagination. We have a feeling that their birthday party next year will probably be heavily mermaid-themed — that is, if they’re still into the concept. (And who wouldn’t be?)

At least we know to call North West and Penelope Disick before planning our next big event.

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