This video of Jack White playing “The Rose With The Broken Neck” is simply incredible

It’s Friday — and boy, has this week seemed long. The perfect way to wrap up a week like this is with some acoustic music, and thankfully, this video of Jack White playing “The Rose With The Broken Neck” is simply just what we’re looking for.

White seems to be all about acoustic performances this year, and we’re pretty thrilled about it. In fact, his album Jack White Acoustic Recordings: 1998-2016 was nominated for a Grammy.

As for the song itself, “The Rose With The Broken Neck” was featured on a 2011 album by artists Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi. White not only sang the tune with them, but co-wrote it.

As White explained in the video, he got a call from Danger Mouse, who asked White for some help with finishing songs.

"It was a really beautiful idea," he said. "He asked if I would write a couple lyrics to these songs, and I said sure."

Then, White realized that he might have been in over his head.

"I've never written lyrics and vocals for somebody else's song before," he continued. "... So I quit my job and, um. Got right to it."


Of course, the results were hauntingly gorgeous. We’re so amazed by how much Jack White has accomplished during his musical career.

The video, which was shot at the Pink Garter Theatre in Jackson, WY back in April of 2015, was just released now, perhaps to raise more awareness towards White’s incredible acoustic album. If that’s the case, it definitely served its purpose — we’re adding it to our holiday wish lists immediately.

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