This video of a bear riding a motorcycle in afternoon traffic is going viral, and we have questions

Want to watch something delightfully weird? A video was posted on YouTube of a bear riding in a motorcycle sidecar. But that’s not it — later on, he’s seen playing a horn. Huh.

The video was shot in Russia, and it’s simply bizarre and thought-provoking. While we feel like we’d run and hide if we came into such close proximity with a bear (since while they’re cute, they’re also dangerous) the person shooting the video seemed to act casually delighted about the encounter, enjoying the entertainment while seemingly forgetting that a live bear was literally right next to him.

Called “Bear in Russian traffic,” the video was uploaded by Niks Ļeoņenko yesterday. It already has over 100,000 views.

Of course, there’s one big thing we need to point out here — the bear seemed totally docile for a reason.

If it’s cool with naturally sitting in a motorcycle sidecar, it’s had a lot of training. The treatment of bears for entertainment purposes has been an animal rights issue for quite some time — and typically, any behavior that is unnatural for the animal in the wild can be seen as abusive.

While it’s amusing since it’s like nothing we’ve seen before, there’s a good reason why we’ve never seen it — because bears don’t belong in environments like this.

This video brings up a lot of questions and mixed feelings. We just hope that the talented bear gets transported to a habitat that’s much more natural to him than the busy streets in Russia, for everyone’s sake.