This veterinary nurse is turning casts into works of art

While nobody loves it when their beloved pet gets hurt, this veterinary nurse brightened up the common cast. That nurse is Kate Doyle, who works out of Perth, Australia. And in an interview with Mashable, Doyle said she’s been creating the colorful casts for about two years.

"In most cases these bandages are done for animals with fractures or that just had a cruciate ligament repair," Doyle said to Mashable's Christine Wang.

Of course, the pets have no idea how cool they look. The purpose is to bring a smile to the worried pet owner, who probably feels terrible for their furry friend.

(That Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cast is almost too perfect. We kind of want one for ourselves.)

According to Doyle, each cast takes between a half hour and three hours to create.

"I make each one totally in my spare time and keep a folder of them at work ready to use," Doyle said.

A few of them have been showcased on Instagram.

The fact that Doyle cares so much about these pups is truly inspiring! Since we love pets, we love the fact that she thought up such a small, sweet gesture to help their recovery go a little smoother.

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