This cat’s snack binge did ~not~ go as planned and we feel his pain

Cats are funny things. They’re ridiculously smart, except for when they aren’t. They’re divisive in relationships between cat lovers and dog obsessives. And then on top of that, people project onto them the idea that they are standoffish and sneaky, unfriendly and aloof, when maybe they just want to live their lives okay? Take this video of a cat with a sausage stuck in its mouth.

Cats, though they’re known for elegance and intelligence, sometimes don’t have their act together. Here is a case in point. This adorable cat tried to eat a sausage that was honestly way too big for its mouth, and the results are, well, probably not what the cat intended.

Of course, the stuck sausage (and the kitty’s dilated pupils) makes it look like the cat is screaming. This could be a metaphor for basically any terrible and uncomfortable thing that happened in 2016, but we’ll leave you with this adage: don’t bite off more than you can chew.