Twitter experienced literally every single emotion watching the “This Is Us” season finale

A billion tears later (rough estimate), This Is Us closed out its freshman season. The good news is that Jack is still around to be Papa Pearson for another day ????? !!  The bad news is that the road to the end of the episode was a BUMPY ONE. The season finale of This Is Us basically forced us to experience every emotion in the spectrum, and honestly, it was draining.

The episode, “Moonshadow,” takes place in the past, and then in the past-past. We split our time between the mid-’90s, when the Big Three are teenagers. We also travel back in time to 1972, the year Jack and Rebecca first met. Both are single, unhappy with their lives, and not really sure what to do or where to go. Rebecca is frustrated that she’s not a big-name singer yet, and Jack is thinking about turning to a life of crime to make rent (JACK, NO).

Eventually, their seemingly random choices bring them together and honestly, it is so beautiful. But of course, being This Is Us, their first meeting is juxtaposed with a GIANT FIGHT that ends with Jack professing his undying love for Rebecca, and then moving out of the house.

Let’s dive into these emotions, shall we?









And just lots of feels about Jack


At least we have from now until the fall to fully recovery from these emotions…and start bracing our hearts for Season 2.

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