This toddler trying to get some ice cream is all of us, all the time

When it comes to how much ice cream one can eat in a day, the limit does not exist. Like let’s be real, we love ice cream so much we could eat it for breakfast! So when we saw this viral video of a sweet little toddler trying to get some ice cream, we totally sympathized with her struggle. There is nothing worse than being taunted by the sweet delights of Ben & Jerry’s, and that is exactly what happens to this little tot.

In the video, the toddler is being teased by her dad, who is taking small spoonfuls of ice cream and slowly parading it in front of her face. Each time, she reaches out to taste the ice cream, and each time her father swiftly swoops it up to his mouth for his own enjoyment. Harsh, right?

Luckily, you can tell it’s all in fun. You see the dad cracking a smile by the end of the video, but we bet the toddler was still a little salter that she couldn’t get her hands on that pint of cookie dough ice cream. We’re sure that gourmet ice cream isn’t on the list of things toddlers should be eating on a regular basis, but a little taste or two always savse the day. Fingers crossed that her dad let her have a teeny bit when the camera stopped rolling!

Honestly, this little kid is all of us… all of the time. Still, in the world of ice cream, we thought we’ve seen it all. Cool new flavors, mouth-watering homemade recipes, fairy floss ice cream, and yes, even sugar-laden ice cream cones in the form of donuts. But adorable tots and ice cream? It doesn’t get much cuter (or relatable) than that.