This toddler stopped crying when she caught a glimpse of her fabulous self in the Snapchat bunny filter

Parents, pay attention: The next time your toddler’s having a tantrum, a Snapchat filter might stop the tears.

A way-too-adorable little girl was having a pretty hard time (same, TBH) until the winter bunny Snapchat filter totally improved her mood (also same, TBH).

All it took was a little Snapchat magic, and the crying toddler was transformed into a fluffy bunny, totally transfixed by her own cuteness.

By the end of the video, it was clear the little girl was feelin’ herself, and we can’t blame her: We haven’t seen anything that cute since… literally ever.

So the next time you’ve got a tearful toddler, Snapchat might be the answer to your prayers.

Can ANYONE see themselves with big cartoon eyes and bunny ears and still be sad? We dare say no, they can’t.

Keep hoppin’ along, baby girl. You’ve got a big life to live – and hundreds more filters to try out.

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