This toddler got his own backyard roller coaster, and ugh, we’re so jealous

Can we take a moment of your time to sort through some unresolved, irrational feelings? So, the urgent, emotional issue at hand is a bit complex and kind of embarrassing, but here goes. Basically, we’re kind of (extremely) jealous of this toddler who owns a backyard roller coaster.

Now, you could get technical if you’d like and say that his parents are the true owners, but this child is clearly the boss at home. We just need a moment to process exactly how wonderful it must feel to have unlimited access to a miniature version of an amusement park at your candy-and-god-knows-what-else-coated fingertips.

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Now that we’ve had the chance to vent, we’ll lighten up and stop hating so hard on this kid, but that’s what envy and unfulfilled childhood dreams will do to ya (Parents of wee ones, don’t say we didn’t warn you).

Our underlying issues have nothing to do with this kid and also the backstory behind this amazing roller coaster is helping us to work through the pain. Apparently, this lucky little boy named Wyatt experienced his first amusement park ever and was so pumped about the trip that his dad decided to build his son a ride of his own at home, and dammit, we’re getting emotional again.

Here’s footage of Wyatt taking the first of many rides on his backyard ride that will probably make you just as uncontrollably weepy as we are.

Srsly, how cool is that? And how awesome are his mom and dad? So, we have our feelings under control (for now), but we *do* intend to use the clip to show our parents just how slighted our inner child feels.