This tie-dye hippie hair trend looks exactly like your brother’s T-shirt in high school

Wild hair trends show no signs of slowing down – butterbeer hair is a must-have for Harry Potter fans and the pipe braid that ruled Coachella is set to be a summertime staple. If you’re looking for a new way to fill your hair with pastels, then the tie-dye trend is here to give you majorly nostalgic vibes. It looks just like the tie-dye tee shirts of our youths, in the prettiest way possible. Will wonders never cease?

As reports, Hairstylist Kelsey Pebler (@bohobrushed) took to Instagram to showcase her latest hair creation, inspired by southwestern prints that so many of us grew up seeing on blankets. The ripple effect is really special and elevates it from your average pastel hair look. Even if brightly-colored hair isn’t your cup of tea, you can clearly see the artistry that is involved in creating such a dynamic and unexpected look.

It is also giving us stained-glass window vibes! The color has so much movement in it that it really evokes a lot of memories, from childhood and more. It’s got a little something special, don’t you think?

Would you ever try out tie-dye hair for yourself?

Summer is the season for big hair moves, so why not take the leap?

Pebler let us in on the secret that she used Lime Crime Unicorn dyes to create this look, so now you know what to bring to your stylist.

She even has different shades of pink rippling through her hair. How divine!

Summer is the perfect time to play with different hair colors, and pastel shades are so pretty when it’s warm out and you’ve got all your best summer styles on. If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge, this just might be the extra push you needed to get it done.

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