This throwback photo of Lea Michele and Cory Monteith is so bittersweet

As far as celebrity romances go, this was one of our favorites. While she’s honored his life in many other ways before, Lea Michele posted a photo of Cory Monteith on her Instagram, and it’s one of the sweetest photos we’ve seen in awhile. Michele and Monteith are deep in the midst of a cuddle, only making it more obvious that their love was real.

The two Glee co-stars dated officially throughout 2012 and 2013, before Monteith’s tragic death. After suffering from an overdose shortly after leaving rehab, the news of Monteith’s passing shook us all.

The photo that Michele posted was labeled “Bleeker St.” It was also dated 2012, which means it was taken right in the midst of their strong relationship.

Everything about it is perfect, and it makes us miss Monteith even more.

Throughout the years since his passing, Michele has been quite open about her grief. While she’s not the only Glee castmate to honor the star, her words are extremely powerful, based on the connection she formed with him off set.

In fact, some are even speculating that the two had quietly gotten engaged — or at least discussed marriage and their future together.

In September of 2012, Michele opened up about working with him on the show.

"He really, really inspires me, and he motivates me and I think he’s just so talented," she said in an interview with People. "Working with him has been one of the best experiences of this whole process."

It’s so nice to know that she thought so highly of him as a person.

While Lea Michele has dated others since tragedy struck, it’s nice to know that she’ll always have a special place in her heart for Monteith.

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