This teen couldn’t afford flowers for his girlfriend, so he made his own #goals-worthy bouquet

There’s arguably nothing more fun than getting presents from your significant other, but it can quickly get expensive for the giver. So sometimes you have to get creative. Example: This teen, who couldn’t afford flowers for his girlfriend, got old school about it and made his own bouquet. Zach, a 17 year old from Illinois, wanted to do something nice for 18-year-old Samantha, but didn’t have the cash for a store-bought bouquet. If you’ve ever bought flowers from a florist or even the grocery store, you know it can run upwards of $50 for some stems.

So Zach cut flowers from his yard and a nearby field, according to Samantha. No, he’s not the first guy to cut some flowers for his girl, but the way it was all put together — he used duct tape — was too much for the internet. People immediately freaked out at how adorable the gesture was. Boyfriends all over the country are sitting around right now probably wondering why they didn’t just get off the couch and reach for the duct tape first.

Zach’s homemade bouquet has won the internet, and our hearts.

Samantha told BuzzFeed News, “I thought it was super sweet and creative. I honestly preferred it more than anything store-bought.”

Let’s hope his neighbors don’t mind.

The internet was very impressed with his effort.


The more you look at Zach’s proud face in that picture and the struggle duct tape, the more adorable this whole thing gets. They might be young, but these two are already pretty wise when it comes to love. Samantha said, “It’s not always about what he can buy you, or how much money a man has.”

Are you ready for your entire heart to break into a thousand pieces?

She added, "All I truly care about is spending my time with him. He's become my best friend over time and I'm super happy I have him to spend my days with."

These two could not be any sweeter. Samantha and Zach, please never change.