This teen costume designer will absolutely blow your mind

Meet Angela, an 18-year-old aspiring fashion designer from Long Island and current upstart fashion doyenne.

Angela creates dresses that are inspired by both fantasy and history. Although she started by making cosplay outfits for herself, most of her designs now are not tied to a specific fandom.

On her blog, Angela writes, “I have been sewing for three years and am almost completely self-taught. For me much of the joy in creating something is figuring out HOW to create it, which is why I prefer to learn through trial and error, as opposed to classes.”

This is what Angela looks like in her 2015, everyday wardrobe…

And this is what Angela looks like in one of her creations, as Elsa from Frozen.

Amaze, right? Not only are her dresses incredible, but Angela documents the whole process on her blog — and we mean the WHOLE process.

When something goes wrong or she has to improvise a solution, she includes that too. It’s super cool to see all the work that goes into these elaborate clothes, and it’s even cooler to read Angela’s calm and clear self-critiques. She’s not overly-modest about how amazing her dresses are, and she’s not pretending they’re super easy, either.

My favorite of her designs is this amazing Christmas angel dress, complete with hidden LED lights!

On her YouTube channel, you can see Angela in action, explaining how she is very particular and detailed about the accuracy of her designs. Look at this beautiful toile!

Check out more of her costumes below! There’s this beautiful winter dress in light blue, one of Angela’s favorite colors to work with.

This fall flower fairy costume is so perfect.

And the fabric for this Renaissance look, which is based off of a painting, is the most exquisite of jewel tones.

You rock, Angela!

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