This teen artist turns leaves into colorful magic and the results are beyond brilliant

With the fall season officially here, trees will soon begin to lose their leaves and tons of unlucky individuals will be tasked with raking the foliage into huge piles for disposal or recycling. But 17-year-old artist Joanna Wirażka has put her skills to use by turning leaves into artwork, a task that we’ll take over yard cleanup duty any day.

Wirażka’s unique creations serve as proof that art can be unearthed in the most unlikely places. Upworthy profiled the young artist in 2015, when she revealed that New Year’s Eve fireworks inspired her very first leaf-painting project.

The combination of the unusual medium and Wirażka’s undeniable talent produces some brilliant and beautiful pieces of artwork that also serve as an encouragement for others to respect and preserve our natural resources.

Absolutely gorgeous. Wirażka is beyond talented and we can’t help but feel inspired by her environmental mindfulness. Check out more of her amazing leaf artwork on Instagram.

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