This teacher just dyed his hair hot pink for the most amazing reason

Our hearts always melt when we hear stories about teachers supporting their communities. This North Carolina teacher definitely rose to the occasion by raising funds for a boy to get a service dog for his epilepsy. How did he do that? Well, he dyed his hair hot pink, of course.

John Sigmon routinely dyes his locks to support the community. This time, it was to help a boy named Warren Van Tassle gain a companion that’d help his stress levels when he had a seizure. Van Tassle, who is only six, has reportedly had 85 seizures throughout his life and has to take medication daily. What a wonderful gift it’d be to have a friend help him cope, right? The one problem is that service dogs can cost up to $15,000. That’s where Sigmon’s bright locks come in.

We have to say, Sigmon looks pretty good.

Sigmon teaches sixth grade, and promised his class that the student that raised the most money for Van Tassle per week got to choose his hair color. After four weeks, Sigmon plans to shave it all off.

"Anytime we can be a positive influence not just on somebody in need, to get other people involved, that's what we're here for," Sigmon said in an interview with WFMY News.

Our hearts are absolutely melting over Sigmon’s generosity. Who knew that pink hair dye could help make such a big difference?

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