This Taylor Swift doppelgänger has us seeing double

It must be a blessing and a curse when you get told you resemble a celebrity — and we have a feeling that Laura Miriam must know how that feels. Miriam is a dead ringer for Taylor Swift — and looks aside, the two also seem to have a lot of the same interests in common. For one, cats.

Miriam is reportedly a British college student who has actually taken a few “fan photos” with people who assume she’s the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer.

Miriam currently has over 16,000 followers on  Instagram, and we’ve got a feeling that a bunch of them are probably big Swift fans.

"Ya must hate getting this so much but legit thought this was Taylor," one commenter wrote. "You're just as brilliant tho!"

In fact, almost every one of her photos has at least one person saying she resembles the singer. Of course, there are a few people who disagree. But Miriam doesn’t let any sort of negativity bring her down — instead, she turns it into artwork.

Fans are the most confused during times when Swift takes a break from social media, yet a fresh photo of Miriam pops up on their feed.

"I saw this pic and I was like 'YAS! TAY IS BACK!'" one fan wrote. "You remind me so much of Taylor on this pic!"

While it’s not clear as to whether or not Miriam is a fan of Swift, surely she’s at least a little familiar with her work. One thing’s for sure — she has a pretty incredible Halloween costume option each year that won’t cost her a dime.

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