This tattoo artist tattooed her own LIPS and we can’t look away

We’re definitely at a point in time where more and more people are giving each other (and themselves) tattoos. Like, a major draw of the oh-so-popular stick and poke tattoos are that you can give the tattoos to yourself. It leaves us with so many questions, like, can you give yourself a tattoo?! Is it a good idea to tattoo your own body? Well, this one tattoo artist just tattooed her own lips, so now we’re more curious than ever.

Yep, like, really. Tattoo artist Liz Cook gave herself a lipstick tattoo, and it’s pretty epic.

This is so, so difficult to watch, and yet so hard to look away from. We seriously couldn’t deal with this level of pain!

Like, ow. All the ows in the world combined can’t express how pained we were just *watching* that. Liz explained,

"I tattooed my own lips tonight 👄😳"

We. Could. Never. Luckily, Liz really recommends that we don’t bother giving it a try! Liz continued,

"Probably don't try this at home... 😁👍"

Eek. TG for that. We can only imagine how this would go if we gave it a shot!

So what was the end result, anyway? Liz shared a follow up photo the next day, and it’s pretty freaky.

See the day after selfie for yourself!

But it makes sense that it looks a little weird now, because, Liz explained, her lips are super swollen.

"Did this on myself! Here's the before and after of my lips I tattooed tonight. Super swollen! It was definitely tricky... Some parts were easier than others and some parts were kinda confusing working in the mirror haha!"

Makes sense! It’s a super sensitive body part. Luckily that means it’ll probably heal pretty fast, too. Major props to this talented artist for doing such a beautiful job! We’re not sure we’d be quite so brave, but more power to her.