This easy tangerine lipstick will make you feel like every day is a Friday

When it’s 90 degrees and your A/C is busted and you’re better off working up a sweat blow-drying your hair than galloping on your gym’s elliptical, the very last thing you’re probably thinking about is lipstick. Maybe a cool balm or an easy swipe of lip gloss, but taking the time to apply a tube of robust lipstick to your parched AF mouth? Noooope. You want your morning routine to be as effortless as possible, and I GET IT.

But if you need an easy lipstick, a lipstick that doesn’t even FEEL like lipstick but still has the perfect shade, creaminess, and longevity, I have just the thing.

Tom Ford’s Wild Ginger.


It’s not too red, it’s not too orange, it’s not too loud or obnoxious. It feels light and goes with every skin tone and every outfit. It smells like vanilla buttercream frosting, but in a very good way. You can wear it to the office, to your sister-in-law’s birthday party at Cheesecake Factory — I highly suggest wearing it when you’re hanging out by yourself watching Stranger Things while eating ice cubes and Cheetos, because there is literally nothing better than feeling like a fancy lady who knows how to treat herself.


You can get this gorgeous tube from Nordstrom for a cool maybe-let’s-charge-that-to-my-credit-card-and-worry-later-not-that-I’m-suggesting-such-things $53. It’s worth it. Trust.