This swimsuit makes it look like you have a hairy chest, and the internet is obsessed

Move over, “woman in a bikini t-shirt,” because there’s a new absurdist beach trend in town. The company Beloved released a “hairy chest” swimsuit, and we almost don’t know how to process it. We mean, it’s good in that it celebrates all bodies, but it’s bad because it’s been proven to scare children.

The suit is available in three different skin tones, and six different sizes. And because Beloved offers a ton of strange clothes that serve as conversation starters, they’re celebrating the humor in the suit. In fact, their Instagram has a ton of photos of people rocking their best hairy chest.

Oh, and back, too.

Out of all media, this video is definitely our favorite:

But really — can you even look away from something like this? We can’t.

We will say this — the suit seems to be pretty flattering, strangely enough.

Even better? The one-piece isn’t super expensive, ringing in at $44.95. And if swimsuits aren’t your thing, the design also comes as a track suit.

But if the hairy chest look doesn’t float your boat, have no fear.


It’s also available in a pizza-inspired version. Who can resist?

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