This student’s boyfriend cried when he saw her dressed for prom, and now we’re crying too

Nolanah and her boyfriend Devin have been dating for three years — but the magic between this teenage couple is definitely still alive and well. Devin immediately started crying when he saw his girlfriend dressed for prom and it’ll give you all the feels. Nolanah doesn’t usually wear makeup or get dressed up, but she made an exception on prom night and dressed in a gorgeous deep blue Sherri Hill gown.

When Nolanah made what Teen Vogue has dubbed her “Prom Dress Reveal,” Devin immediately began crying. His reaction made Nolanah equally emotional, and luckily the sweet moment was caught on camera. false

In just three days, the post has already received 129,000 likes and 32,000 shares — and it gave people all the feels.

"We've been dating for three years. I think his reaction was so strong because out of all three years I've never worn makeup or really gotten this fancy," Nolanah told Teen Vogue. "I just felt so loved actually, I wanted to cry seeing him cry over me."

“He’s a great boyfriend, Nolanah told The Huffington Post. “He’s always taking care of me and making sure I’m happy. He’s honestly the best I could ask for.

And it looks like they had a fantastic time at the dance. false

The Prom Dress Reveal may become a new trend, but it’ll be hard to top this beautiful moment.