This sparkly retro-inspired makeup case is a dream for all beauty lovers

This right here? This vintage-inspired shop Lux De Ville is exactly what you need if you spent most of your childhood totally obsessed with Caboodles. Refresher: Caboodles are those fantastically retro plastic carrying cases we used during the ’90s to tote around our essentials (you know, fuzzy pens, Lip Smackers, BFF necklaces). They were our go-to items, whether we were doing the mundane (school) or the exciting (slumber parties!) parts of life. If you’re as steeped in nostalgia as we are, you’re going to want to get your hands on this: These old-school, glitzy makeup cases are basically upgraded versions of our beloved Caboodles, and they’re not just super nostalgic, they’re also totally useful.

We’re constantly on the hunt for a smart, tidy makeup storage solution and honestly? This might be it. These sparkly train cases from Lux De Ville have plenty of room, making it possible for even the most shameless beauty addicts among us (you know who are you are!) to stash all their precious beauty treasures comfortably.


Another thing you have to love about these cases? They’re great for travel. Alright, so they’re not exactly compact, but if you’re embarking on a road trip, you can stash it right in your car. Simply grab this off of your vanity the next time you plan to get ready at a friend’s house before a girls’ night. And if you’re packing for a flight — well, they allow you to take a carry on for one personal item, right?


This would actually be such a perfect solution for professional makeup artists. Something this cute and glittery will always stand out amongst a sea of other makeup bags!  


These cases retail for $125, but we promise you they’re SO useful! We love the beautiful pink shade, but there are plenty of other options as well (the blue case is definitely a close second for us!)

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