This sneak peek of an upcoming Chanel palette reminds us of a Rubik’s cube

Have you always wanted to own something from Chanel? If so, we may have just scouted your next purchase. Luckily, it won’t run you thousands of dollars the way one of the brand’s famous handbags will! We’ve just peeped some of Chanel beauty’s newest makeup collection and it’s every bit as amazeballs as you might expect from the beloved fashion brand. Even though Chanel’s fashion shows take center stage, this new beauty collection will quickly take the spotlight. First of all, let’s talk about the brand’s creative packaging. It looks like a Rubik’s cube, but like … a really beautiful Rubik’s cube.

If it doesn’t make sense to you that the fashion brand has a totally chic Rubik’s cube makeup product, take a look at this Instagram picture. You’ll see what we mean.

Everything about this is just so creative and glam, from the cubic construction, to the Chanel logo imprinted in the powder, to the actual colors included, which are super warm, earthy and oh-so flattering.

Trend Mood shared a sneak peek of Chanel’s Coco Code, adding that “red, black, gold, white, and beige” are the “secret codes of Chanel.” How cute! They included a collage of other Chanel products, but it’s unknown whether or not they are all part of the collection.

We love that there’s a pop of vibrant pink among all the more neutral tones — wouldn’t it look so beautiful if you swept a big brush through all the colors and applied a mix of all these shades to your cheeks? Yes, honey!

This is going to be a Spring 2017 item, so unfortunately we can’t tell you where to find it quite yet — but doesn’t this peek just make you so happy? The brand has yet to confirm prices or launch dates, but we’re excited to see the rest of the collection.

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