If you like Norah Jones you’re going to freaking love Melody Federer

We love getting behind new artists, and every once in a while someone soulful like Melody Federer comes along and offers gentle sounds that invite the listener on a chill adventure; the perfect soundtrack for a sun-soaked lazy beach day or a relaxing road trip with your BFF. While her voice is very unique, it’s also reminiscent of early Norah Jones. Federer’s last single “Standing” earned her high praise, with Vents Magazine outing her as a “gifted artist” who creates music that is “both truthful and relatable.”

Describing it herself, Federer calls her music “melodic” and “inspired,” adding that it changes as she does. Her brand new single is called “Something to Show,” and in it she sings of building a life with someone special – a desire many of us hold near and dear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSSA6cmRIe0

"Maybe this could be our life, maybe we could try to build a little home, and at the end of the road we'll have something to show."

When quizzed about the inspiration behind the song, Federer offered us these words:

"I got the inspiration when I was falling in love with a musician. He was pretty mysterious, and I couldn't tell what he was thinking. We were spending days writing together when I first moved to LA from Paris. One morning I literally woke up and had the lyrics in my head; I had to write them down immediately, and the melody was there soon after. I'd been jumping around a lot, from New York to Paris to LA. I wanted to see if it could be something real."

If you like what Melody has going on, be sure to check out some more of her stuff on Spotify and iTunes! She’s got our stamp of approval, and please excuse us while we disappear and listen to “Something to Show” on repeat.