This Sephora skincare brand has the perfect gift set for your mask-obsessed friend

When it comes to masking, there are two types of  people in this world: those for whom masking is a more casual affair, (the occasional pick me up) and those who believe it is a way of life — imperative to one’s well being, and deserving of a rigorous schedule. Both of these are correct: We love all kinds of mask lovers! Either way, anyone who’s ever masked before is gonna flip out when they hear about Sephora‘s new Skin Inc. holiday gift set.

My Mask Cocktail is a four-piece, customizable mask kit that is going to change the way we mask!


The kit contains the Deepsea Hydrating Mask and the Licorice, Collagen, and Vitamin A serum for you to mix and match! The Licorice serum is helpful if your skin is red and irritated, as it’s super calming. Vitamin A is great for brightening and evening out skin tone, and collagen boosts your skin’s elasticity and packs a great anti-aging punch!

This way, we can focus on our skin’s individual needs at any given moment instead of using a blanket product that might not be exactly what we are looking for.


Anything that gives us more choices as a consumer sounds great to us!

Another great aspect of this is that the brand assumes that the client is already educated in how to take care of their skin and has done research as to how products work.


Most beauty devotees already know their stuff and don’t need to be condescended to with fluff products.

Even more exciting, the Mask Cocktail is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free, so you don’t have to worry about anything unseemly on your skin that could reverse the effects of the mask!

Because what’s the point of painstakingly creating your own custom mask to help your skin feel better if its gonna be chock full of harmful products?

The My Mask Cocktail Kit is available in stores and online for $55, making it a veritable steal for such an awesome product! Beauty lovers everywhere run out and grab one before they run out!

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